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16 picnic tables in 7 days!!

We took on a job for a new client who was opening a new restaurant called The Captains Table, in Plymouth. The building itself was a very historical establishment in the local area that had unfortunately been hit with a fire a few years ago and the new team were bringing it back to life.

We have 7 days to get to work and deliver 16 outdoor slatted picnic tables and with some specific requests!!! We slat all our outdoor furniture to give each individual plank of timber to expand and contract where needed which allows all the timber to breathe and do its thing without moving and twisting.

We gladly took on the challenge and the team at TRL Furniture put in some serious overtime to get the job done!

Each table had a pair of legs, obviously, but they all needed bolt holes drilling and powder coating to be robust enough to withstand the British elements and also the very salty sea air and also not get stolen!! We partnered with our local independent powder coating company who worked tirelessly to get the legs back to us in a timely manner, and they didn't disappoint!

Each table had a timber top and 2 timber benches which worked out at over 250m of timber (FSC regulated of course) and that's a lot of wood, cutting, sanding, time, staining and varnishing!!! Again, the customer wanted us to use a type of Yacht varnish on top of the water based 'oak' stain to protect the timber long term which was so thick it had to be painted and rolled on!! This stuff ended up taking the whole bank holiday weekend to dry with regular turning to get air to them!

The restaurant also wanted us to put parasol holes in the middle of each table too, adding to the pressure of getting these delivered and installed on time! Each holes needed drilling out, routering to smooth the edges and re staining and varnishing to protect the timber!

The end result though, was worth it

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